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Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

with Dr. Elisa Everts

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Jun 5 2024

Grief in the Work Place: A Guide to Compassionate Support

When you grieve, you grieve all the time. Sure, grief is personal, but you don't stop being a person at ...

May 29 2024

As If the Obvious Loss Were Not Enough, Grief Also Triggers Old Wounds

Last week I talked a little about our triggers and how it's ultimately our responsibility to manage our wounds, but ...

May 22 2024

Whose Responsibility Are Our Triggers? And Trying Not to Bump the Bed

If you've been in relationships for a few years, you've probably come to realize that a fight is almost never ...

About me

Hope After Loss:

My Journey as Your Grief Guide

Elisa square portrait

Hi, I’m Elisa.

My grief story began with the loss of my sibling at a young age. The echo of grief and guilt paralyzed me with debilitating depression, anxiety and even suicidal tendencies for many years.

I reached a crossroad while supporting a friend through her battle with cancer. Later, a spark of hope was ignited within me and I began to heal. By 2019, I was the happiest I’d been since early childhood — just in time to face my own stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2020.

Now, I’m an educator, committed to providing a beacon of hope that will empower others as they rewrite their own life stories during and after cancer and grief.

As a speaker, author and grief coach, I’m committed to providing the best possible support. Currently, in order to better serve you, I'm pursuing a Master's in Thanatology (the study of death, dying, grieving and loss) as well as Grief Coach Certification with David Kessler, a renowned grief expert.

It’s my mission to empower you with the latest research and compassionate guidance to navigate the transformative process of moving from heartbreak to healing, no matter the prognosis.

Whether you're personally grieving or in a position to support others, let's create a hope-filled path forward.

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Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

I speak to medical professionals and patients, helping them provide hope when there seems to be none. If you or your organization need someone to help process the difficult topics of cancer and grief, let's set up a complimentary call, 703-656-6691, ee@elisaeverts.com.

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