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If You Had a Year to Live, What Would You Want People to Say?

In 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer and told I might have a year to live. In the ...

Facing Cancer or Grief? A Painful Past May Be a Powerful Advantage

The Relationship Between Happiness and Adversity When "stuff" happens, it usually feels like a setback. However, I've always liked the ...

Dying Is Not Losing : There Are Many Ways to Win

As I watched my cherished friend, Diane, die at the tender age of thirty, I shook my head helplessly. Who ...

Sympathy vs. Compassion? How to Comfort While Guarding Dignity

Sympathy vs. Compassion​ What is the difference between sympathy and compassion? Is one better than the other? Although sympathy and ...

Someone I Know Has Cancer: What Should I Say?

Oh, the Awkwardness​ I get it. Cancer, like me, can be super awkward. 😆 I know what it's like trying ...
Doctor talking to patient in wheelchair

How Long Do I Have, Doc? Our Misplaced Love of Certainty

What Bites Most​ First of all, I think we can all agree that one of the features of cancer that ...

What Is Your Philosophy of Hope? Finding Peace When Doctors Don’t Agree

The Roller Coaster of Cancer​ Cancer, like many journeys of illness, is a roller coaster. First, the goings on in ...

What Is Hope Management? How Do You Want Others to Talk about Your Health?

What the Heck is "Hope Management"? ​ I know Hope Management sounds like a group of real estate caretakers. Chuckle. (It's ...
Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

I speak to medical professionals and patients, helping them provide hope when there seems to be none. If you or your organization need someone to help process the difficult topics of cancer and grief, let's set up a complimentary call, 703-656-6691,

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