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As If the Obvious Loss Were Not Enough, Grief Also Triggers Old Wounds

Last week I talked a little about our triggers and how it's ultimately our responsibility to manage our wounds, but ...

Why You Should Talk to the Dead: The Power of Continuing Bonds

Freud, who meant well but missed the mark more than once, gave advice to people about dealing with grief that ...

What Do I Say When Someone Is on Fire? The Social Awkwardness

Fear of Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome​ I think most of us are afraid of putting our foot in our mouth when talking ...
Sad woman and sad man inside a heart with their eyes closed

When Your Favorite Valentine Is No Longer With You: Remembering a Lost Love

Not the Holiday from Hell ​You might expect for a single woman like myself who has been single all her ...

Why Do I Feel So Bad? Unwarranted Guilt in the Wake of a Loved One’s Passing

Some Common "Complications" of Ordinary Grief ​I have written to you previously about complicated grief. You may find grief complicated ...

I Feel So Helpless. What Can I Do for My Loved One Drowning in Grief?

What can I DO for my loved one drowning in grief? ​ Last week I talked about complicated grief, now recognized in the ...

What Is Complicated Grief? How Long Is It Normal to Grieve?

What is complicated grief? How long is it normal to grieve? How long should grief last? When should a bereaved ...

How Do I Face the Holidays without My Loved One?

The best holiday presents involve the presence of those who've passed being with us in the present. The holidays can ...
Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

Elisa Everts, phd

Speaker | Author | Educator

Finding Hope in Cancer & Grief

I speak to medical professionals and patients, helping them provide hope when there seems to be none. If you or your organization need someone to help process the difficult topics of cancer and grief, let's set up a complimentary call, 703-656-6691,

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